Current Permits

Electrical Works Kyonggi-00041
Information Communication Works 111300
General Fire-Fighting Facilities Works (Electricity)
Kyonggi-Ansan 93-2
Works Records
Division 2002 2001 2000
Detailed Works
Works for GIS, MCSG installation, repair, and electrical equipment installation at Korea Electrical Transformer Substation Works for fire power plant, complex power plant and factory plant, and electrical/ relay facilities Electric, communication, and fire-fighting works at hotel, hospital, building, market, and apartments Electrical works at subway station and other transformer facilities
Major Works Records
Year Customer Construction Name
2002 Korea Telecommunication Installation works of S/S 25.8kV GIS at Mokdong, NAmdong, Kuri, Ssangmun, Uljin, and Nobyon for Korea Electric Co., Ltd
Arario Industry Electric works for enlargement of Arario Gallery of Arario Industry Co., Ltd.
Kyonggido Educational Bureu Electric works for Sanghyon High School, Yongin, Kyonggido Educational Bureau.
Sambu Constriction Co., Ltd. Electric works for Officetel by Sambu Constriction Co., Ltd., Yatopdong, Bundang.
2001 Segi Commerce Electric works for building Daehan Theater of Segi Commerce.
Korea Telecommunication Communication works of a vulnerable facility at Bukbuchon for Korea Telecommunication
Light-cable works for Uijongbu Mobile Telecommunication
Kyongmoon Colleag Electric works for building a teacher's building at Kyongmoon college.
2000 Postal Office Electric works for building Inyang Postal Office of the Office of Supply
Hotel Renaissance Repairing electric works for hotel rooms of Hotel Renaissance
National Physical
Excercise Promotion Complex
Electric works for the moved Olympics Memorial of National Physical Excercise Promotion Complex
Sambu Construction Electric works for a housing-market building of Sambu Construction at Okumdong
1999 Lotte Construction Electric works for Lotte Construction, Daejon branch of Lotte Shopping
Sambu Construction Electric works for Mapo Social Welfare Building of Sambu Construction
Electric works for Nowun Sambu Apartment in Daejon
Electric works for the change of utility of shopping center at Sanbon Station
Subway Co. Electric works for Line 6 subway station of Seoul Subway Co. at Mapo District Office