Product Name :Diesel Soot Smoke Reducer) : D. S. R
Principle of Plasma Method
  - Generation of electrons at the plasma poles by the electrolytic
  dissociation of high-pressure gas.
- Formation of blue-white flames from the collision of ions
  and electrons.
- Ionization and smoke-like condition of exhaustion gas of
  diesel emission.
- Generation of high chemical reactive radicals from the
  collision of high-energy electrons discharged from the poles
  with nearby molecules of exhaustion gas.emission
- Disassembly and removal of smoke and exhaustion
  gas emission through chemical reaction by radicals.

Research Development Achievements
  - While the previous method is filtering one collecting and smoke, the
  plasma method which our company has developed is a direct combustion method, which
  is excellent for its compact size, durability, and reasonable price, thus ensuring popularity
  among people.
- By making great efforts to reduce smoke in diesel vehicles inside and outside the city, our
  company has successfully reduced the efficiency of management up to 83%, thereby
  reaching the first goal.
- Although we have already reached 40% of management efficiency for particle materials
  (PM), we are continuing our research to increase the efficiency.
- Our company is revising our development plan in accordance with the expected addition
  of domestic regulation about Nitrogen Oxide (NOX).

Smoke Management Efficiency (As of November 1999)
- Test Agency : Korea Institute of                                            Machinery & Materials
- Test Place : Engine Test Room at Korea Machine Research Center
- Test Term: May 2, 1999 - May 28, 1999

Research and Development Plan
  - Designing optimum plasma reactor
- Manufacturing and experimenting De-NOx catalyst
- Application test of pulse high-pressure development in the plasma reactor
- Studying the application of plasma reactor in a low diesel vehicle
- Designing and testing of plasma reactor in a low diesel vehicle
- Designing and testing of application of a low diesel vehicle

Easiness of Putting Research Products to Practical Use
Division Products Characteristics
Net Price possible mass production of research products, decrease of net
price due to localization of parts.
Reliability use of parts semi-permanent for exhavst gas emission(stainless, steel)
Size the size of the muffler of the car / compact and excellent for noise removal / easy to install as a substituter for a muffler
Development Investment localized parts and possible mass production with small amount of investment
Applicability possible common use of 80% of parts for each model
Localization presently over 95% of parts are localized / 100% localization is possible after one year of mass production.
Facile A/S composition of self-diagnostic circuit / operator can easily discern the fixed condition / parts are composed for each unit, thereby allowing ease of repair / muffler function with the switch on.
Facile Supply possible use of Jit system due to localization / easy assembly / possible mass production

Industrial Property Right
  Patent Name: Method and Apparatus for cleaning Exhaust gas and Reducing noise by using high voltage Electric Field
Inventor: Chon, Kyongho CEO and Chairman, Seondo Electric Co., Ltd.
  - Domestic Patent : registered on May 28, 1998 (Registration Number: 14856)
- International Patent :
  May 25, 1999. Registered Singapore International Patent
(Registration Number: 9803110 -7)
March 29, 2000. Registered British International Patent
(Registration Number: 2 324 053)
October 19, 2000. Registered German International Patent
(Registration Number: 196 81 728)
January 2, 1001. Registered American International Patent
(Registration Number: 6, 168, 689)
September 21, 2001. Registered Japanese International Patent
(Registration Number: 32334411)
May 29, 2002. Registered Chinese International Patent
(Registration Number: FO1N 3/00)
Applying for Mexican Patent.

Expected Achievements
  - Contributing to purification of air pollution
- Securing the higher position of environmental technology over advanced countries
- Earning foreign currency by exporting
- Applicable to all sorts of internal- and external-combustion engines
  (diesel vehicle, ship engines)
- Applicable to air purification project
  (burning hearth, underground space, and commercial chimneys)
- Applicable to desulphurization of fire power plant