Product Name :154kV Monitoring and Control System
  By watching and measuring realtime the operational condition of electrical facilities, providing an operator with the entire information.
Prompt dealing with such operational conditions as tripping and closing of breaker and increasing and decreasing of transformer tap.

Composition of the System
  - Workstation
- Event Logger
- Data Logger
- Electric power relay panel
- UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Major Function
  Watch function : intensive watch of operational condition by receiving realtime the working conditions of breaker and protective relay equipments.
Indication on console screen of control panel and electric
relay panel.
Measurement function :indication of realtime voltage, electricity, electric power, tap location, and temperature.
Control function :operator's control on the screen.
tripping and closing and increasing and decreasing of
transformer tap.
Alarm reporting function : alarming in case of exceeding the pre-arranged value and the
changes of condition.
Logger function :output the entire information and graphic screen.

Characteristics of the System
  Convenience to use the system : supplying MMI (Man Machine Interface) function.
Easiness to expand the system : expansion is easy in case of the increase and change
of electric facilities.
Various function : various function of outputting the report and management of production
history. supporting Harris 5000/6000 and DNP 3.0 protocol.

  - Control system for electrical equipments at a transformer substation
- Control system for a building electricity and lighting
- System for environmental watch and water management
- Control system for other industrial plants

Person in Charge : Chief Lee, Joonduk of the Research Institute
(Tel : +82 31 494 0615, Fax : +82 31 493 1540)