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Electricity Equipment Development Team
  As a leader of heavy electrical companies, our company is working hard for doing research and developing world-wide competitive products with its independent technology. Our company is developing grand-scale plants and heavy electrical equipments supplied mainly to Korea Electric Company.
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Product Image Product Name Usage Characteristics
  POLE MOUNTED SF6 Load Switch is installed on the concrete utility pole to break the load of 25.8kV 400A processing line distribution.   By SF6 GAS, insulation and break, high credibility, safety, simple installment.
  VACUUM CIRCUIT BREAKER: 3.6KV~25.8KV   Building facilities, grad-scale factory, overall industries including chemical and steel industry.   Excellent insulation, low nise, easy maintenance and inspection, safe facility, small size, light weight, easy to handle.
  GAS LOAD BREAKER SWITCH: 25.8KV   This Unit is used to break the load of 25.8KV 600A underground line distribution.   By SF6 GAS, insulation and break, simple grounding, high safety, perfect maintenance free, water-proof and noise-proof, small size, light weight.