Mar. Supply Hyundai motor company with Cluster-ionize
Aug. Inno-Biz( Innovation Business) Certification Obtained
Jan. Completed the GIS production line, Clean & Dust-proof room in 2nd factory
Aug. Completed the expansion of GIS production line in 1st factory
Oct. Enlargement of the 1st factory building (2,137-pyong)
Dec. Enlargement of the 2nd factory building (1,482-pyong)
Jul. Procurement of KEPIC-EN Certificate
(Korean Electrical Society)
Dec. Merging of Samchon Electric Co., Ltd.
Oct. Procurement of Certificate of Excellent Association
Standard Product Sign
(Korean Electric Industry Cooperative association)
May Method and Apparatus for cleaning exhaust gas and
reducing noise by using high voltage electric field
(The registry of patents Singapore)
Mar. Complete development of equipments for heating surveillance
of breaker panel and controller of make and break.
Procurement of Certificate of ISO 14001/ KS A 14001
(Center for Estimation of Industrial Technology of Korea)
Jan. Complete development of 25.8 KV equipments for slim-type
Gas Load Make and Break for Distribution Automation
(for underground)
May Procurement of patent for a method and an equipment for
reducing smoke treatment in an internal-combustion engine and an external-combustion engine
(Procurement Office of Korea)
May Procurement of a Certificate of Quality of Association
May Procurement of Business Permit for electric and
communication work
(2nd Degree in the business of wired communication work)
Apr. Passing the development test of processing equipment make
and break administered by KEPCO
1972 ~ 1994
Dec. '94 Passing the development test of a 22.9 KV digital-type
protective relay for distribution line
Oct. '94 Procurement of a Certificate of ISO 9001
(Research Center for Production Technology & TUV of Germany)
Dec. '93 Establishment of a research center affiliated with the
Technical Tie-up for underground make and break (LBS)
with Karl Pfisterer
Mar. '92 Introduction of manufacturing technology of Gas-Insulated
Switchgear (Nissin of Japan)
Introduction of manufacturing technology of Vacuum Breaker fitting for ANSI standard (Toshiba of Japan)
Dec. '91 Selected as one of the Excellent Factories for Quality
Nov. '91 Procurement of Permit to use KS Mark on the vacuum
Nov. '90 Receiving of Exporting Award for On Million Dollar
Jan. '89 Beginning of public sale of stocks and being listed on the
Korea Stock Market
Jul. '87 Exporting of vacuum breaker to the U.S for the first time
May '87 Change of the title of the company from Seondo Co., Ltd. to
Seondo Electric Co., Ltd.
Nov. '86 Contract of basic OEM exporting with Toshiba Co., Ltd.
of Japan
Aug. '86 Manufacture and delivery of 345KV Protective Relay Panel
Jul. '86 Manufacture and delivery of Closed Distribution Panel to
Nov. '85 Manufacture and delivery of 154KV Protective Relay
Panel to KEPCO
Oct. '85 Procurement of Permit for the business of importing and
May '84 Procurement of Permit to use KS Mark on an electric leak
Dec. '81 Procurement of Permit to do business in fire-fighting
Dec. '79 Establishment of and moving to a new factory in Banwol
Industrial Complex
Apr. '72 Manufacture and delivery of distribution panel and delivery
panel for housing
Mar. '72 Procurement of Patent Permit (1st type) for the business of
electric work
Jan. '72 Establishment of Seondo Electric