Welcome to the homepage of our company!

With our customers' support and encouragement, Seondo Electric Co., Ltd. has been developing as a manufacturer of heavy electric equipments since its foundation in 1972. Particularly our company is proud of being a manufacturer and seller of all sorts of distributing panels, protective relay panels, Gas Insulation System (GIS), Vacuum Insulation System, Load Make and Break, Remote Surveillance Control System, and General Automation System, which are supplied for Transmission and Supply of Electricity Line of KEPCO, or Atomic Energy Power Plant, Water and Fire Power Plant, and all sorts of plants.

United together, all executives and employees at our company are endeavoring to our utmost under the motto of the company, "Live Industriously!," by working for the complete after-service-warranty and environment-friendly management system, and gratifying customers' expectations.

Moreover, in an age of globalization of new millenium, our company has been extending its overseas market to Middle East and Americas as well as South East Asia. In addition to this, our company has devoted all its energy in doing research for and developing in strategic enterprises such as future direction of electrical technology, fuzzy heavy electrical equipments grafted by advanced informational technology, automation system, and environment-friendly products.

It is our sincere hope that this homepage will give you a thorough overview of our company. Should you have any questions or concerns, Feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Chun, Kyong-Ho Chairman and CEO